Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Celebration Will Feature SierraRose Farms

A popular attraction at the 2009 Meadows Celebration, SierraRose Farms, will return to Granger Meadows Park this July. SierraRose Farms is a local business that offers camps, special events and lessons that allow kids to connect with both miniature and full-size horses.

Last year, attendees of the Meadows Celebration were wowed by the up-close and personal interaction with several miniature horses and even a few babies. At the 2010 event, children will again have the opportunity to meet the miniature horses as they roam around in their mini corral for everyone to enjoy.

More information about SierraRose can be found on their Web site. Further details about this and other attractions at the 2010 Meadows Celebration will be posted as the event nears.

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