Monday, July 25, 2011

Meadows Celebration Winners

There was a fair amount of healthy competition at this year's Meadows Celebration. All winners were announced the night of the event at the Sledding Hill Stage, but in case you missed them, here's a quick recap.

Dodgeball Tournament
1st Place—Blue Team (Corey Ergen, Don Swathwood, Anthony Swathwood, Devyn Ordiway, Jacob Lintner)

2nd Place—Lower Power (Bryce Richardson, Emmanuel Richardson, Caleb Lower, Alivia Lower, Allyson Lower, David Fielder)

Jeff Baumann Cardboard Canoe Race
1st Place On-site Build—S.S. Guppy IV (Duane Fritz, Randy Peters, Cletis Richardson)

2nd Place On-site Build—PC Enterprise (Max Calder, Steve Pasikowski, Wesley Pasikowski, Jason Pasikowski)

1st Place Off-site Build—Zurbee's (Chris Pugh, Jamie Pugh, Kennedi Pugh, Avery Pugh)

2nd Place Off-site Build—DARA Double Digit Day Camp (Jack, Kira Horn)

Most Creative—Zurbee's (Chris Pugh, Jamie Pugh, Kennedi Pugh, Avery Pugh)

Watermelon Eating Contest
1st Place 6-9 Years—Trevor Dennis

2nd Place 6-9 Years—Maliya Korte

1st Place 10-15 Years—Domonic Dye

2nd Place 10-15 Years—Leila Fitchett

1st Place 16-19 Years—Karly Fitchett

2nd Place 16-19 Years—Jeremy Braska

1st Place 20+ Years—Sarah Surline

2nd Place 20+ Years—Mike Kluck

Poker Walk
Rachel Hodges

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