Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2014 Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone involved for another great Meadows Celebration! Congratulations to the winners of the following contests:

Cardboard Canoe Race

1st place—Kilfoyle Super Family
Ben Kilfoyle
Doug Kilfoyle
Helen Kilfoyle
2nd place—Astera All-Stars
Austin Ashley
Paul Holland


1st place—Grandma Choo Choo
Drue Thompson
Katelynn Bracken
Kelly Baetz
Reeana Thompson

2nd place—Dukes of Hazzard
Jeff Steinman
Justin Steinman
Katherine Steinman
Most Creative
Grandma Choo Choo

Dodgeball Tournament
1st place—Undefeated
Chris Loveall
Duncan O’Neil
Connor O’Neil
Michael McMann
Jesse Warkentin
Robert Sorah
2nd place—Golden Wings
Wesley Franco
Roman Wolf
Drew Taylor
Matthew Jenness
Caitlin Jenness
Michael Taylor

Watermelon Eating Contest

Age 6-9
1st place (round 1)—Valentino Lino
1st place (round 2)—Adreana Pruitt

Age 10-15
1st place (round 1)—Bryce Richardson
1st place (round 2)—Tyron Dearmin

Age 16-19
1st place—Dominic Dye

Age 20+
1st place—Jeremy Braska

Poker Walk

Sydney Macdonald

Coloring Contest
(see previous post)

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